Another year, another adventure. / October 24, 2017

At Adventure, we’ve always tried our best to live up to our name. But last year, we took it to a whole new level by celebrating National Day of Adventure. To us, it wasn’t just some attempt at social media buzz — it was an opportunity to let our team take a break, recharge, and set off on an adventure of their choosing. And on Friday, October 13th, we did it all over again.

There were no limits. No expectations. Just a long weekend, a blank itinerary, and some spooky Friday the 13th vibes. We rode Peruvian horses, hiked mountains (the Minnesota kind, mind you), rode our bikes and visited museums. Whatever the adventures, big or small, we all had a blast reminding ourselves why we work at a place called Adventure. Because without some spirit behind it, a name is just a name.

Check out our fun reel and start planning an adventure of your own.  Until next year!