Big game. New tricks. / January 18, 2018

Rebrand for Hatteras Convertible Sportfish.

Our initial work with the storied American luxury yacht manufacturer Hatteras was focused on sharing how the brand elements – quality, craftsmanship and performance – delivered a “life without limits.” After successfully building a consistent brand story across the fleet (resulting in year-over-year gains in leads and sales), the next sales scaling strategy was to target growth in the sportfishing line. We accomplished this by being distinct and authentic to this unique lifestyle segment and experience. For big game anglers, that meant giving them a front-row “fighting chair” seat to the drama at water level, and the excitement that plays out aboard our remarkable vessels. The results? A 34% increase in sales year-over-year, with a 15% increase in overall show traffic.

By adopting an editorial style of storytelling, pairing real accounts of on-the-water battles with dramatic imagery, we greatly increased our brand association and engagement. In many cases, this included photographs from non-traditional sources, including Instagram posts from boat captains and professional anglers. The results sprang to life in the 2018 Hatteras Sportfish catalog, first unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November. The catalogs, lead-up campaign and on-site activation also introduced new convertibles to the fleet, including the GT45X and GT59 to the expanded GT Lineup. Fresh bait. Perfect hook-set. Fish on.