Bringing the Outback up north. / August 29, 2017

This summer, we stopped counting steps and started counting jumps as we worked with the Minnesota Zoo to promote their Australia exhibit, Kangaroo Crossing. The coolest part about the exhibit? There are no barriers between humans and animals. That means guests can get even closer to the kangaroos and wallabies that make up the exhibit (along with the occasional rogue goose).

An exhibit this unique was begging for its own campaign, so the Zoo tasked us with getting the word out — which we went to work on, creating everything from experiential to a TV spot. And Adventure handled it all, from initial ideation to bringing over a kangaroo performance group from Australia — dubbed the “Jump Squad” — to perform at events in Minnesota throughout the summer. The campaign also included radio, social and out-of-home.

Our campaign brought in countless likes, shares and jumps, not to mention more than a few wide-eyed youngsters. We’re also proud to say this past year had the third highest attendance in all of Minnesota Zoo history.

The exhibit runs through Labor Day — don’t miss it!