Floating Up the Market. / July 19, 2017

At Adventure, we’re all about safety. That’s why we installed a dart board with metal-tipped darts and hung a canoe from the ceiling in the same week. But we digress.

We are thrilled to announce our vested partnership with ThrowRaft, the Ft. Lauderdale-based creators behind a suite of inflatable throwable devices that represent the first progression in the marine throwable device segment in over 50 years. Adventure is hard at work, diving into all aspects of ThrowRaft’s branding, marketing, and product development. More or less, we’re teaming up to revolutionize the marine throwable device segment from the ground up.

ThrowRaft’s flagship product, the TD2401, is the world’s first and only U.S. Coast Guard Approved and Lloyd’s Register Certified inflatable throwable personal flotation device. That’s marine-speak for it can replace a whole lot of cushions, ring and horseshoe buoys on a whole lot of boats, safety vehicles and commercial ships worldwide.

The TD2401 made its consumer debut at ICAST 2017 in July and is available for purchase at ThrowRaft – Cabela’s and online via ThrowRaft – Amazon, as well as other retailers. You’ll definitely want to learn more about ThrowRaft and their incredible story (which involves sinking a boat 10 miles off the coast of Florida and swimming 16 hours back to shore) at ThrowRaft.com.