Helping to expand by slimming down. August 31, 2016

Fun, bubbly and available in a million delicious flavors (ok, 15 flavors…but still), Klarbrunn Vita Ice, launched in 2013, is a naturally-flavored, zero-calorie enhanced sparkling water. As the product, and sparkling beverages category, grew quickly, there became a need to both expand the Klarbrunn Vita Ice line and slim it down. Specifically, Klarbrunn Vita Ice opted to put its three most popular flavors in a new slim can offering – that highly popular packaging trend that’s becoming as much a fashion accessory as it is a refreshing beverage.

Enter Adventure. Tasked with making a big splash via the new cans, our team of award-winning designers brought the effervescent Klarbrunn Vita Ice personality to the package. We executed can designs for Black Raspberry, Orange Mango and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, as well as corresponding cartons and point-of-purchase signs.

Fun flavor combinations and eye-catching packaging has proven to be fruitful. In just two months, the new slim can packs have accounted for nearly one-fifth of total sales growth and the first run of the product sold out due to high demand.

Check out the designs on a beverage shelf near you, and make sure to get your hands on some Klarbrunn Vita Ice soon – you’ll thank us later.