Kicking off a new fashion category. / December 4, 2017

The word “disrupt” is thrown around a lot in the marketing world. Every new brand, in some way, wants to redefine their industry or create an entirely new one. But outside of Silicon Valley, true disruption is a little hard to come by. Most product “innovations” are a repackaged version of an old idea or a modest tweak of someone else’s work.

But then came Kickstands™. We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new brand that is poised to truly disrupt the footwear industry. For more than a year, Adventure has been collaborating with Founder & CEO Michelle Johnson on a new high heel accessory that adds both style and stability to virtually any pair of pumps.

The wide range of reversible high heel straps offer women everywhere the chance to reclaim their love of heels – from the office to the theater to the airport (and all points in between).

Adventure, in typical fashion, did far more than help develop the brand; we partnered with our client in every aspect of the concept and product development. That included the initial work on prototypes, product patterns, style forecasting and packaging… and then extended to the development of an e-commerce site, photography, video assets, social content and PR strategy for launch. You can catch a glimpse of how the story came together in this short “Behind the Brand” video and the campaign samples below.

After many months of top-secret development, we’re excited to finally announce the official launch of the Kickstands brand. Go on and embrace your “early adopter” tendencies by getting to know all about the products before anyone else at and on Facebook and Instagram. And yes, they do make for a very fashionable holiday gift.