Launching New Business Verticals for Ritchie Navigation February 17, 2020


We are pleased to announce a strategic business relationship with Ritchie Navigation, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and recreational compasses.

Ritchie Navigation, at the forefront of compass technology for 170 years, has partnered with Adventure to provide strategic future casting services for their heritage business. Adventure will generate business steering, brand positioning and product development opportunities to bring new business verticals to life. Bombora, a surf-inspired active-lifestyle brand, will be the first collaborative pursuit for the two organizations.

The relationship was born from shared business values – passion for the outdoors, collaboration, curiosity and strategic resilience – and has evolved into a pay-for-performance model in the new verticals that will be strategically pursued. 

“The Adventure team has an innate curiosity about the world around us. Their ability to break down complex problems and solve with simple, imaginative solutions makes us excited for new frontiers of our business.”

Roby Holland, Vice President at Ritchie Navigation

“Ritchie Navigation is a giant in marine and off-road wayfinding. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to come alongside their team to build full end-to-end strategy that will define new strategic horizons.”

Scott Mitchell, Founder & CEO at Adventure

Business discovery began in January, with initial Bombora products releasing in Summer 2020.