For these brands, it’s not just about staying current. It’s about creating your own. March 15, 2018

If you’ve had the good fortune to paddle a truly great canoe, you’ll understand the metaphor: To keep on the right line, you want to avoid over-correcting. Subtle adjustments and continual refinements of each stroke are what’s needed. So, as we partnered with the team at Old Town – a valued client for over 6 years – to refresh the brand that launched the industry back in 1898, we took a similar approach.

Subtle refinements to the identity, photo styling and design system were introduced to both embrace the iconic brand’s heritage and position it for the future. Minor adjustments to the logo and a new positioning – “Adventure Lives Here” – were introduced as part of the project, with the results now on full display inside the pages of the latest catalogs, advertising and other consumer touch points.

The work is all influenced by product launches we’ve partnered on with Old Town, some which have not only made waves for the company, but truly launched new market segments. These include the breakthrough NEXT® hybrid and the best-in-show-winning Predator pedal-powered fishing kayak.

We’re also making some waves with a refresh for Ocean Kayak, another Johnson Outdoor brand, which has come to define the sit-on-top kayak category for decades. We’re working to ensure that tradition endures long into the future, as the broader paddlesport industry continues to evolve.

Check out some of our award-winning work below or, better yet, get out on the water and discover what makes these two iconic paddle brands the best on the water. Adventure Lives Here.