Protect Your Personal Bits: Chamois Butt’r Ad Campaign April 15, 2016

After another long, dark winter, everyone at Adventure is ready to get back outdoors. Our team is made up of an active group of cyclists, triathletes and runners (and, at last count, two ping-pong fanatics). While we aren’t all passionate about the same sport, there is one thing we all agree on – you can’t focus on nailing a workout when something somewhere is rubbing you wrong.

That’s been the whole promise of Chamois Butt’r for years. If you’re a cyclist you already know it as pretty much THE gold standard in keeping your backside comfortable in the saddle. But their product line has applications that reach far beyond your behind. Paceline Products, its parent company, engaged Adventure to develop a new ad campaign to help spread this message and build awareness within broader market segments.

Personal lubrication is, understandably, something a lot of athletes don’t always feel comfortable talking about. There’s always a lot of hushed voices and confused stares. So we worked to bring the conversation out in the open. Using an approachable graphic style as well as a touch of “cheeky” humor, we created a campaign that is easy to relate to, whether you’re a regular Joe or an aspiring pro.

Now that it’s finally warming up here in Minnesota, we’re looking forward to hitting roads and trails a lot more often. We’re all going to Butt’r up, and get after it in big ways. Until our route passes by the neighborhood taproom. Then all bets are off.

Print advertisements are now appearing in national publications, including Bicycling and Lava. The campaign will also expand into digital media, sponsored events and additional media outlets over the next several months. You can check it out here and also and learn more at