Vasque: Reinventing an iconic hiking brand October 27, 2020

Red Wing Shoe Company is a cherished legacy and Minnesota badge brand. As a member of that highly-regarded family, Vasque is one of the first premium and iconic hiking shoe brands in America. Despite their storied legacy and positioning, Vasque was getting lost in a growing sea of competitors, losing younger consumers to splashier, louder brands.

They partnered with our team to establish a brand positioning statement and updated creative expression that reflects their relevancy in today’s world.

The first step in our process was taking a deep dive into today’s active hiker’s mindset to get an exhaustive look at the competitive landscape: What was being said? What did the consumer want to hear? What was being left unsaid?

This approach included several co-creation and brand discovery sessions with internal and external audiences across the country. This pursuit of meaningful insight led the way in creating a brand positioning statement that drove us toward a unique voice and visual expression.

Vasque hiking book with graphics of tree, mountain and arches behind

It became clear to us that, more than ever, people are finding physical and emotional wellness in nature. Getting outside isn’t just good for the body — it’s good for the soul. While other brands continue to focus on the altitude, Vasque will focus on the attitude — a fresh message that will attract a wider audience. We brought this idea to life through a total brand refresh that sets the stage for a powerful 360° rollout that immerses the customer in an inspiring, motivational and empowering brand experience.

Vasque truly will be an invitation for all people, all places to find reprieve from the everyday, every day.

Photography by Vasque team