Getting down to the essentials with Youngevity March 22, 2018

The essential oils industry continues to grow with new brands entering the market each year. Youngevity, a longtime leader in the space, has one of the best product lines, but the look of its pure wellness products did little to embody the positive and encouraging brand personality.

Adventure stepped in to provide a fresh take. The new, minimalist mark was intended to clearly establish the line as simple and natural, with the combination leaf/drop icon hinting at the fundamental use of botanicals and the purity of their oil distillation process. Merged with lush plant imagery, a clean typeface and bold hues, the branding was then applied across packaging for individual and blended oils, aromatherapy rollerball kits, and a selection of original culinary-grade cooking oils.

An approachable, friendly copy style and warm, authentic lifestyle imagery were brought together in a striking product catalog that allowed customers to easily select the products that would help elevate their minds, moods and days. The updated essential oils vertical launched at Youngevity’s national convention to an enthusiastic sales force, rave reviews and a slew of initial orders.

See how Youngevity struck the perfect brand balance. Take a look at the award-winning work below.