Nickelodeon Universe – Fun Is Out There

In Case Study, Work by Brad Alexenko


Homebound. Digital everything. A serious case of the blahs. The pandemic proved to not just be a burden on adults, it was taking a toll on our children, too. After our year of dealing with COVID, we were all waiting to escape and feel something again — alive and connected. But to where?

Nickelodeon Universe, of course!

An indoor theme park unlike any other, Nickelodeon Universe offers a much-needed escape to laugh, scream, smile, make memories. To see eyes light up. To turn our senses up to 10.


We were called on to help deliver this experience to all.

To draw families and out-of-towners out of their homes and hotels, we set out to capture Nickelodeon’s magic, wonder and iconic green slime. It was time to break the chains of the mundane and introduce the world to an alter-universe full of emotion, surprise, thrills and joy.

Inspired by the intrigue of the theme park and sci-fi fantasy, we created a visual dream world that made people take note of all the fun that what was waiting right outside their doors. After all, “Fun Is Out There” if you know where to look.

With our newly developed “Fun Is Out There”, energetic footage and photography and striking visual treatments, we gave people a virtual permission slip to literally get out there and have fun once again. We just so happened to have a lot of fun right along with them.