World View needed a fast-moving, strategic and creative partner to develop a compelling brand positioning, identity and global launch campaign to guide their entrance into the space tourism category. As a new industry, quite literally only months old, all aspects of the space tourism experience are a novelty. Like going to the edge of space and seeing the curvature of the Earth. However, to remain true to its core values, World View needed to stand for something bigger, more compelling and more enduring to achieve meaningful impact. Through a series of co-creation and strategic exercises, we developed a positioning strategy grounded in the long-term outcomes of “the overview effect” – the life-changing experience of viewing the fragility and interconnectedness of the Earth from space. In doing so, we invited our audiences to join us – not in exploring new worlds, but in sharing a better vision for our own.

After a 60-day sprint, the beautiful, “living” brand identity and global “Mission: Rediscover Earth” campaign launched on October 4, 2021 in high-impact digital, social and print executions. Day one of the campaign helped drive over 45,000 visits to the website and 10,000 new Instagram followers. And, more importantly, through the first few weeks of the campaign, World View secured 500+ deposits for the $50,000 seats on each flight.