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ESTO 2022

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For the second year in a row Adventure Creative won the BEST IN BROADCAST Mercury award at U.S. Travel’s ESTO Awards Dinner and Presentation.The award recognized the :30 broadcast spot “Just Add Water” created for Explore Minnesota Tourism. The spot celebrates Minnesota as the land of 10,000 lakes and endless possibilities. In order to ensure our creative message spoke to a diverse audience, our team conducted focus groups with a variety of travelers both in and

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Changing the Hierarchy – Moving Beyond Maslow’s Self-centered Marketing Theory

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Today, over half of American consumers (62%) believe our country will not make it through our social crisis without brands playing a critical role in addressing the challenges we face. Learn how brands can become bigger than their “corporate self” to be successful in a new, evolving marketplace. When Abraham Maslow developed his hierarchy of needs, he focused on European and Western social values that were embedded with capitalistic beliefs of individual “survival of the fittest”

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Adventure’s Guide to Cross Country Skiing

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A week ago it was -29°. Yup, twenty-nine degrees BELOW zero. And it stayed that way for well over a week. I think all Minnesotans have developed coping strategies for this intense winter weather. Days like today are my remedy: 30° with snow gently falling. Just to watch it out the window is soothing. But the greatest medicine for my soul is to be out in the woods cross country skiing. So this afternoon, I’ll

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National Day of Adventure 2022

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National Chess Day… sure. Cupcake day… we’re interested. But National Day of Adventure…? We’re all in!  Each year, Adventure closes our offices on the second Friday of October so members of our team can go out and do what makes us happy: Adventuring! Here’s what we got up to for National Day of Adventure #NDOA2020Some Adventurers took to the woods & wetlands, soaking in the incredible fall colors for NDOA. Hiking & Biking spots included: Stearn’s County Quarry Park